Intelligent Transit for Smart Cities

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Building Smart, Livable Cities


SwiftATN is building the future. We provide smart automated transit solutions that make your city cleaner, quieter and more livable. By using elevated guideways that take cars off the street, we help reduce congestion and help you reclaim valuable, usable space on the ground where people need it.

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Clean, Sustainable Transit Solutions


SwiftATN automated transit networks operate with a small footprint and minimal visual impact, improving your city and your daily experience. Imagine adding hours to your day by avoiding snarled traffic, endless stop lights, and careless drivers who put others at risk. Imagine non-stop, point-to-point transit that is available on-demand by using a smartphone app or a simple kiosk. Imagine the experience of a clean, quiet, comfortable ride featuring non-carbon-emitting electric passenger vehicles, causing no added pollution or smog for your city.

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Four Pillars of Service


Public transit projects tend to be large infrastructure initiatives that require extensive planning and cooperation among many different entities. SwiftATN streamlines the process by performing or coordinating all of the key functions needed for the project. We understand the some customers may be most interested in a privately-backed venture, while others may be better served by a public-private partnership. From initial feasibility studies, to design and installation, to long-term operation and maintenance, SwiftATN will work with our partners and community stakeholders to provide the expertise you need.



Design and Build

SwiftATN will work with local transit and civil engineering firms to custom design an elevated automated transit network for your city. We partner with your local suppliers and use local labor whenever possible. This way much of the cost of your ATN system is re-invested into your local community.


SwiftATN will utilize our partnerships in the financial sector to help finance your ATN project. We will analyze the specific system design and costs, ridership data, and fare strategy to develop attractive financing options, which may include a public-private partnership (P3) and revenue generating options.


SwiftATN offers flexible options for the long-term operation of your ATN system. For cities with an existing transit authority, we will work hand-in-hand to deliver a turn-key product that the transit authority can integrate into their current transit system. For cities without a transit authority, SwiftATN can operate the system for you as an ongoing service.



Every SwiftATN system includes a customized maintenance program, complete with one or more maintenance stations. SwiftATN will train local maintenance professionals to conduct routine inspections and service. SwiftATN also offers an option for ongoing full-service maintenance on the coaches and guideway.

How we move within and between our communities is critical to improving quality of life and access to opportunity.
— American Public Health Association
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